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Harold Wilson and His Life as Prime Minister done

Those who study politics will learn about the name of Harold Wilson. He is also known as Baron Wilson of Rievaulx. He got a great career as prime minister of British and he got long stories in his position.

Of course, it is interesting to see some stories about his life, including the early career, educational background, and personal life. These are some important points about this Prime Minister.

Harold’s Early Life

Image Source: totalpolitics.com

His full name is James Harold Wilson. He was born on 11 March 1916 in Milnsbridge that was located on the outer area of Huddersfield. Since he was child, he already saw the poverty and this would affect how he grew.

His father was a chemist, while his mother was a teacher. He had an elder sister named Edith Marjorie Wilson. His father was also active as member of Liberal Party. However, World War I changed his view, so he turned into the member of Labour Party.

The Education Background

One of the important steps of education was when he was 10 years old. He went to Australia and he lived with his maternal uncle. His uncle was a member of Legislative Council. The life as politician made the young Harold attracted. Even, he told his mother that he dreamed to be prime minister.

Then, he studied in University of Oxford and took the Modern History. However, he changed into Philosophy, Politics, and Economy. His decision to switch gave him broader knowledge to become politician.

The Early Career

His first career was not as politician. He became lecturer in New College. Then, he worked with William Beveridge who became his great partner. Both of them collaborated and worked together. Because of this collaboration, Harold gets the benefits during the Second World War.

Harold Wilson was appointed as the specialist in statistics and economy because of his work with Beveridge. Because of the position, he could become the one of the directors in Ministry of Fuel and Power. In the position, he proved that he had some qualities.

Harold Wilson as Prime Minister

Once the Second World War ended, he joined the general election as the contestant from Labour Party. This decision showed him good path into politics. He got many strategic positions. Because of that, he got good position in Labour Party. That is why when the party won the election on 1964, he was appointed. 

Social reform and concerns for middle class became the main points of his struggle. It also made him Prime Minister twice. His great work was spotted when he manage the participation of Britain in Vietnam War, where he encouraged the verbal supports instead of sending army. 

His Personal Life

In term of personal life, the Prime Minister married on 1 January 1940. He married Gladys Mary Baldwin. They had two sons from the marriage. Although Harold was a politician, Mary did not take the same path. She was a poet.

Then, he died on 24 May 1995. The causes of his death were Alzheimer and colon cancer. Before his death, he published book about his career as Prime Minister. Harold Wilson also appeared in some TV shows after his retirement.


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