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Healthy Breakfast Sandwich
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4 Excellent Ideas for Healthy Breakfast (Much Recommended Ones)

Breakfast is important meal that cannot be skipped. Body requires quick energy source to replenish immediately. Healthy breakfast does not mean all about fruits and vegetables. On contrary, toast and potato are also good choices to gain calorie as fast as possible.

The key thing about breakfast is about the easy to prepare dishes with enough nutrition to consume. For busy people, mealtime in the morning is not what they can do every day. That is why most of recipes tend to be ready for less than thirty minutes.

Healthy Breakfast for Daily

Healthy Breakfast Sandwich

Regular breakfast should combine carb, mineral, and vitamin in one plate. You can have sweet potato for carb then add apple for mineral and vitamin. Besides, potato and bread are excellent choice for carb-based food. For fruits, you can choose banana, strawberry, kiwi, avocado, orange, etc.

Another choice for breakfast is combination between egg and fruit smoothie. Egg does not take long time to cook, while smoothie is very smooth for digestive system. Both of them deliver fast recharging energy before starting the busy day.

Healthy Breakfast for Kids

Kids need energy to support their morning period in school. Many kids have issue for not having meals. It is not good for their nutrition and metabolism. Parent can have several healthy breakfast ideas below to make delicious and nutritious meal for kids.

  • Tomato sandwich
  • Toast and berries
  • Strawberry smoothie
  • Oatmeal and blueberry
  • Egg and pepper

The taste is what makes kids have trouble to eat healthy food. They do not like vegetables because of plain flavor. In this situation, parents have to think immediately to create recipe for delicious taste without losing healthy part.

Healthy Breakfast for Weight Loss

There are several foods that are ready to be part of diet and weight loss program. First category belongs to fruits, such as raspberry, banana, apple, and avocado. Fruits are necessary food in the morning to replace used vitamin. Turn the fruits into smoothie form to consume easily

The next choice is the food with low carb, but high protein. You can eat peanut butter, eggs, and oatmeal. Egg is always in many diet recipe because it’s easy to cook and very nutritious. Oatmeal replaces traditional bread to gain carb without too much sugar to store.

Healthy Breakfast for Elderly

Healthy breakfast - Toast with avocado and egg

Seniors or elderly have the right to choose what they eat daily. However, healthy foods will keep them in good health. Breakfast cannot be forgotten because it’s part of meal time that needs to put into utmost consideration. Elderly needs different nutrition from adult and kids.

Well, banana and oatmeal become good choices. Fruits are far more important for body during old age. As you know, oatmeal gives quick energy and it’s easy to prepare. On the other side, banana helps to fulfill vitamin and mineral needs.

Furthermore, egg is the first choice for elderly when asking about healthy breakfast. Malnutrition happens because of inadequate absorption. With eggs, body can gain nutrition easily where meat and fish take long time to digest.


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