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5 Useful Heart Healthy Diet (Based on Consumption)

Fatty and sugary foods are the main enemies of our heart. Unfortunately, this type of food is now increasingly widespread everywhere, making it difficult for us to avoid it. Since then, our heart is at risk of various diseases. For that, we must start eating healthy foods on a regular basis with the heart healthy diet.

Vegetables and Fruits

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What does it mean to live healthy without fruits and vegetables? In addition to non-fat and low-sugar, vegetables and fruits contain a variety of vitamins and fiber that are friendly to our digestive system. Although friendly, you still have to select the fruit and vegetables to consume.

If you want, you can blend them into a juice, but go easy on the sugar. Just like vegetables, avoid vegetables exposed to heat directly, such as fried vegetables. Choose the fresh ones or mixed with other ingredients in soup.

Reduce the Use of Sodium

Salty and savory taste is delicious, especially if present in the form of a light snack that we can eat anytime. But, it turns out excess sodium content is also at risk to our heart. The American Heart Association recommends only one teaspoon of salt in your diet for a day.

Besides limiting in our daily cuisine, we must also limit the consumption of snacks or foods. Avoid snacks like fries or chips as well as its condiments such as (mayonnaise and ketchup)

Low-fat Protein

Unfortunately, some protein foods contain high-dose fats. While protein is good for our body, high-fat is not.
Therefore, the following is a list of protein foods that should be avoided for our heart healthy diet.

  • Deep-fried
  • Internal Organs
  • Processed meat
  • Milk
  • Egg yolk

By avoiding those foods, you have saved from the possibility of heart failure caused by the high amount of fat that slow down your system.

Switch to Grains

Fiber is an important component in treating the body, especially heart and digestive system. One of the best sources of fiber is whole grains. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to switch to whole grains. But lately, a lot of popping whole grain is delicious for consumption.

The striking difference of whole grain and refined grain is the texture. Whole grains sometimes still have wrapping skin, so we have to wash it again until it is completely clean. The grains are recommended ranging from quinoa, wheat bread, oatmeal, and high-fiber cereal.

Restrain Your Food

heart healthy diet

Not only about the content, it turns out your portion also affects the effectiveness of the work of your heart. Logically, the more food that enters, the body will react by working harder to process.

Besides the portion of meal, the quantity and pause time are also influential. The optimal routine is 3 times a day with a gap of about 5-6 hours. In this way, we allow time for our bodies to perform their metabolic performance.

That’s all for heart healthy diet tips that are useful for our body. After doing a series of these tips, guaranteed your heart will thank you. By selecting the food, we will not feel weak, even more enthusiastic in life.


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