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Hedgehog Food List – Exactly What to Feed Your Hedgehog

Since the dawn of time (fine, not that long, but given that hedgehogs ended up being preferred as family pets) hedgehog owners as well as breeders have actually discussed just what food is best to feed to their spiny friends. The fantastic food debate continues today and exotics vets, breeders, hog proprietors, as well as a vast amount of other sources still have the tendency to differ on just what food is best. Allow’s explore this subject further.

Why Do People Feed Pet Cat Food to Hedgehogs?

Historically, business hedgehog food was not always available, and then when it originally appeared, it wasn’t as nutritious as lots of people had expected.

Feline food is available to virtually everybody, regardless of where they live, and also contains healthy protein and is a small kibble that hedgehogs could consume. This is why many people chose, as well as might still choose, to feed a pet cat food over a hedgehog kibble. An additional reason that individuals may feed cat food to hedgehogs is that they merely continuously feed whatever the pet dog shop or dog breeder fed after taking their new hog residence. Feline food, not pet food, is offered because it is a smaller kibble that the majority of hedgehogs do not have an issue chewing.

Why Do Some Individuals Believe Hedgehog Food Isn’t the most effective Alternative?

so cute hedgehog

Some individuals have only had experience with the very early days of hedgehog food, or low-quality brand names of hedgehog food, consequently they feed an extremely high protein brand of feline food rather. The healthy protein source does not bother them and the fiber in the diet plan changes the chitin component. They could also conveniently get a high healthy protein feline food from their regional grocery or family pet store instead of having to buy a good hedgehog food online or drive to a specialized family pet store.

Not every family pet store brings hedgehog food, particularly smaller sized stores that understand that most of their customers do not have pet hedgehogs.

Just what are a Hedgehog’s Nutritional Demands?

Hedgehogs are omnivores or insectivores, depending upon where you look it up. This means their primary food needs to be made up of insect healthy protein (chitin) as well as a range of fruits, vegetables, cooked meats, live insects (such as mealworms) as well as more.

In the wild, they are opportunistic feeders and will eat virtually whatever looks yummy. They socialize in gardens and have up to 44 little teeth to bite on practically anything they desire. Therefore we have to actually consider what we provide them to consume in bondage.

They call for a mixture of healthy protein, fat, carbs, fiber, water, as well as much more. Protein in the food you feed must be over 20%, fat ought to be between 5 as well as 15%, and an excellent amount of fiber. Dr. Graffam, that did a lot of study on hedgehog dietary demands at the Bronx Zoo in the 1990s, states that if tinned feline food is fed to your hedgehog you must supplement it with even more fiber (Benefiber, child oatmeal, etc.) which hedgehogs require hard foods to crisis on maintain their small teeth. A variety of protein sources is finest yet insect and poultry are easiest for hedgehogs to digest.

So, Just what Should I Feed My Hedgehog?

I advise feeding a quality, dry, hedgehog food with a minimum of 20% protein and also a fiber material with dual digits as the staple food. You ought to additionally make sure the food has L-carnitine listed as an ingredient for heart health or supplement the diet with a percentage (ask your exotics veterinarian how much however usually a hedgehog requires regarding 50 mg a day for therapy of cardiomyopathy).

Numerous zoos, colleges, parks, as well as galleries feed Exotic Nourishment’s Hedgehog Total Food In addition to this food you need to offer online pests, prepared poultry, vegetables, and also fruits. A very small amount of canned cat food can be used as a treat. Stay away from seeds, raisins, as well as dried out vegetables and fruits (they obtain stuck in their mouths).

If you are unable to order your hedgehog’s food online and also your local family pet shop doesn’t carry a top quality hedgehog kibble then the next ideal point is to feed an all natural or premium chicken pet cat food with a little kibble. Just remember though that this is not the excellent food because there is no blood meal or chitin in it like the hedgehog food includes.


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