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Living Rooms Dimensions
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Living Rooms Dimensions and Keep These Numbers Nearby!

Ever before wonder just how high to hang your art work or how much room to leave between your sofa as well as your coffee table? Obviously you have! Even the most skilled of designers require a tip from time to time concerning the basic rules of decorating.

Living Rooms Dimensions
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Window Therapies

Drapes and also drapes exist not only to keep out light and give privacy, they provide a terrific possibility to include gentleness, color as well as pattern to a room.

Maintain the adhering to numbers in mind when hanging them.

  • 2″– The minimal distance from top of window covering to curtain pole. To produce the illusion of a taller window mount drape poles close to the ceiling.
  • 4″-10″– The range from home window casing to end of drape pole (omitting finials) on each side of the home window. The better the distance the larger the window will certainly appear.
  • 2 x – Drape panels ought to have a mixed width of at least double the size of the window. If you have two panels each should be at the very least the width of the home window.
  • 0″– The range curtains ought to hang above the flooring. They should always skim the flooring, or for a sophisticated appearance, pool somewhat on the flooring (approximately 2″).


No room is total without something holding on the walls. The below guidelines will aid figure out where and also ways to hang art work.

  • 56″-60″– The height to center of artwork (or eye level). When hanging 2 or even more pieces of art work, treat them as one huge piece – locate the center point in between them all and also use the exact same rule.
  • 2″– The approximate space that must exist in between pieces of art awaited a team.
  • 4″-8″– The optimal space between the top of a sofa and base of an item of art (single or group ).
  • 100– Number of pounds larger image hooks can take care of. Utilize them instead of nails or screws.


The majority of rooms require a variety of various types of illumination, all put at different levels around the room.
Here are a few pointers.

  • 68″– The excellent elevation of a floor lamp (typical shades will hide the bulb at this elevation whether you’re seatsed or standing ).
  • 60″– The minimal elevation at which to hang wall surface sconces.
  • 3″-6″– The space between a wall sconce and also the side of a mirror or piece of art it’s lateral.
  • 7′– The minimum range the bottom of a hanging light should be from the floor (if it remains in a space where individuals will certainly be walking beneath).
  • 36″– The range a light switch must be above the floor. Leave 1&& 1/2″ to 2″ between the button and also door trim.


Setting up furniture is among the aspects of enhancing that remains to amaze people. The complying with numbers will certainly help eliminate the complication.

  • 18″– The excellent distance between the couch as well as the coffee table.
  • 10″– 20″– the ideal distance between the sides of an area rug and also the wall surfaces in an ordinary size room.
  • 36″– The suitable distance in between the wall and a piece of furniture.
  • 32″– The typical elevation of wainscoting (in a room with an 8′ ceiling ).
  • 12″– The ideal depth of a shelf (or 15″ to fit large-scale art publications)
  • 42″– The optimal range in between living room chairs put side-by-side (so a table could fit in between).
  • 24″– The suitable distance between living room chairs placed side-by-side in a smaller sized room.

Color as well as Pattern

When it concerns color as well as pattern it’s tough to select rules. This is where it’s really vital to trust your instincts. Nevertheless, if you’re actually having problem these two guidelines will aid.

  • 60% – The quantity of area your primary color ought to cover (this is typically covered by the wall surfaces). Use two accent colours (15% each) to complete a lot of the rest of the room and also one more solid colour (10%) to add some enjoyment.
  • 3– The excellent number of patterns to utilize in a room. Mix the scale utilizing one large, one medium, and one small (or some other combination of the three).

The above numbers all exist to serve as guidelines. In no other way are they suggested to be guaranteed and final. When embellishing any room it is essential to trust your eye and your intestine.

If you wander off from several of these policies yet you feel exactly what you have actually done works, stay with it.


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