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5 Best Modern Bathroom Ideas (Modern Appearance)

A bathroom is not only a place to clean yourself, it can also be the place to take a break from all problems for the day. Just like that, people will look for those of modern bathroom ideas to make their comfortable bathroom.

It is not a rare occurrence for someone to spend hours in the bathroom after the long and tiring day. Obviously, this fact proves that people seek for a comfortable bathroom to relax.

Modern Neutral Idea of Bathroom


For this, modern and neutral is the highlight of one of these small bathroom ideas. Glass is very much recommended to build a strong vibe of modern. As for neutrality, it is the best if you choose white colored furniture.

Aside from this, you might want to consider using modern technology in this bathroom to stress the modern. Simple suggestion, use a sensor lamp or a high-tech temperature control for water.

Modern Country Idea of Bathroom

If you’d like a rustic themed bathroom, you can adopt one of the modern bathroom ideas. Now, what you should pay attention to for this bathroom idea?

  • Wood wallpaper

While it is a must to give off the homely vibe, you don’t have to build your bathroom right from real wood. A much simpler option is, just, use some sort of wood wallpaper instead. Choose the one with white-ish color since you are going for modern.

  • Dark chocolate and white combination

While the wall and the ceiling of your bathroom are white, maybe you can choose the furniture to be painted in dark chocolate and white.

Modern Artsy Idea of Bathroom

modern bathroom ideas

This bathroom idea might be the best for your artsy soul. The simple choice is to furnish it also with one or two colorful paints but isn’t it a little bit repetitive and somewhat monotone?

To answer that then you might want to check out at the current trend of paint-on-mirror. All you need is just a few brushes across the mirror, to make out some sort of sort phrases.

Modern Marble Idea of Bathroom

In this edition of bathroom ideas, marble becomes the key aspect of this bathroom idea. Now, what about this marble bathroom?

  • No more white

Like even if the theme of your bathroom is modern, there is no need for you to paint your wall all white. Instead, you can just leave the color of marble alone to cover your wall.

  • Gold-lining

A little bit color of gold to emphasize some lines and corners in your bathroom won’t hurt. This is a bit out of theme but the combination of marble and gold color can bring out a luxury vibe aside from being modern.

Modern Vintage Idea of Bathroom

modern master bathroom

Roughly similar to country bathroom ideas, this bathroom idea wants to emphasize a theme for a homey vibe. But instead of woody like appearance for the wall, this vintage bathroom idea is a more brick-like appearance for the wall.

In addition, as one of the modern bathroom ideas emphasizing on a specific theme, choose the furniture, lighting and such in accordance to your vintage theme.


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