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Should I burn out my tree stumps?

If you are trying to find a cost-effective and simple means to obtain rid of old tree stumps, you must consider shedding them down. This method is an incredibly popular method to eliminate tree stumps without utilizing any kind of major devices or devices. Additionally, the cost is drastically less than professional stump elimination or stump grinding service considering that all you require are a few non-prescription, store-bought items. You could anticipate to invest anywhere from $20 to $100, depending on the dimension as well as quantity of the tree stumps. Additional devices might be needed as well, such as a power drill with wood-boring bit, a horticulture spade, garden compost, and also more. Continue listed below to see exactly what you’ll need this certain approach of stump elimination.

How to Melt a Tree Stump

This method is not advised for anyone that does not have experience working with open fires and also fire. It is also never advised for locations that are completely dry or flammable. If you do choose to burn your tree stumps, it is important to utilize strict interior security criteria. Learn exactly what these are before getting started.

You have to likewise ask your neighborhood fire division concerning the local regulations for burning tree stumps. An authorization could be required in your neighborhood, or it might not be allowed in any way. Also, potassium nitrate is a highly-explosive chemical, so there could be bans, constraints, or storage guidelines in your region.

What You Required:

Potassium Nitrate or Saltpeter
Dry Scrap Timber
Dirt (optional).
Grass Seed (optional).
Power Drill.
1-Inch Timber Boring Bit or Spade Little Bit.
8-Inch or 10-Inch Little Bit Extender.
Garden Trowel.
Hot Water.


After you have contacted your regional fire department as well as city statutes relating to fire usage and burning tree stumps, you are ready to obtain started. Never ever try to burn anything outside during a dry period or fire ban. This could cause ruining injuries and damages.

Right here’s the best ways to get going:

Place your drill and also pierce bit together with the little bit extender. Fill your bucket with a gallon of hot water.

Beginning at the top-center of the stump, pierce a hole at a 30 degree angle and also pierce 10 inches deep.

Clean out the internal particles as well as continuously pierce openings throughout the whole stump, beginning with the center and ending at the edge. Maintain openings 1 inch apart.

Utilize your yard trowel to load each hole with your potassium nitrate or saltpeter. Do not fill up completely to the top.

Round off each opening with warm water using a channel or spouted cup. Continuously pour hot water in the holes until the potassium nitrate is completely dissolved.

Setting the dry scrap wood on top of the stump. Try making use of a “V” or “tee-pee” shape, starting at the ground, and also finishing as a cone around the whole stump. This occasionally provides much better combustibility.

Utilize your suit to light up the scrap wood. You might should make use of a fire starter product together with it, but NEVER utilize lighter liquid or gas.

Stay with the stump as it smolders to ash. This could take a few hours. You might even have to repeat the burning process greater than when.

As soon as all the stump has looked to ash, utilize your shovel to escape the remaining pieces of scorched timber as well as tree roots.

Optional: Complete the hole with new dirt and also cover with yard seed.


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